Some Thoughts

It is amazing how the ache from our hearts reaches our eyes. Has that ever happened to you? It is strange how our heart and eyes are connected. An aching heart is never alone, the eyes take the burden. They shed some tears, they cry with the crying heart. Am I making sense?

Tears in eyes and conscience knocking at our hearts makes one feel wide awake. It is faith blooming like new spring leaves. Faith is like a new born child, weak and fragile but spotless, yet it needs constant care; a close watch so that it doesn’t get hurt. Sometimes, when praying, our cupped hands feel the heaviness of the pain, like some magnetic current travelling through the body. On other occasions the lightness of it all makes the hands in prayer feel empty.

I wish many wishes, as is the human nature. The desires and wishful thinking has deep roots within the human heart. As age takes its toll on the human body, the wishes center around nostalgia, the past, the frighteningly fast pace of time. The idea of time slowing down seems tempting. For some old souls, the time’s slow pace, the same mundane days, become an added pain in their already arthritic bones. The clock’s constant tick tock is a reminder of their fading life and vague memories.

I want to write the words before they dissolve into the dark humid night. The sweat beads on my forehead stick to the rubber end of my half chewed pencil. The silhouette of the trees on my beige curtains cast a ghostly impression. The grasshopper continues its benign but rhythmic sound. The friction between the paper and the pencil lead reaches a crescendo and then snap, the nib breaks. The words disconnect and finally dissolve into the quiet walls around me; some slip through the half open window, the rest too tame to escape, sink back into the dark recesses of my thoughts.


The 1000th Hiatus

The problem with ‘hiatuses’ is that you have to explain every time you are going on one or coming back. I should be experienced about it since I have done a number of hiatuses in life especially in the world of blogging. Unfortunately I m always back to square one. However, I will let the curiosity of my absence hang in there for all my blog followers(read: I have zero readership)

The last post I made was back in January earlier this year. Things changed drastically in my life since then. In fact the funny thing about life is that, it is changing every second of our lives. Just that some changes leave impact and nudge us to our core.

To cut the long story short ( in fact there wasn’t a story in the first place) and since I m not diving into the reasons for the hiatus, I m just making an excuse of a post to post another post to get into the swing of more posts 😉