A Little Movie Talk

I watched Forrest Gump last week.When it was originally released back in 1994 I wasn’t old enough to watch movies or understand them.So here are a few things I learnt/realized on watching Forrest Gump.

1/ I have to admit, this was one of the finest films I have seen in a while.
2/ Now I know who Amir Khan (Bollywood actor) copied/ got ‘inspired’ from for his acting ‘skills’ in his hyped up movie ‘PK’ which I haven’t yet watched to form an opinion. But I did see enough clips to do a Homer Simpson style ‘doh’ on yet another ‘inspirational’ dose that Amir Khan got from Hollywood.
3/ Tom Hanks knows how to act. I’m a fan again.
4/ It has been 21 years since the movie came out. wow.
5/ How to be a true friend like Gump was to Bubba.
6/ We should all love deeply, caring the least bit about getting hurt; which of course is a thing people with good IQ think way too much about. A sign of sanity or insanity? Gump maybe ‘dumb’ but he was a genius when it came to matters of love.
7/ Jenny sucked. Yes sometimes it’s so easy to judge characters.
8/ Mothers go to the end of this world to stick with their children.

Incredible moments of the movie:
When Gump starts playing table tennis and it takes him to China!
Gump and Bubba’s shrimp talk in Vietnam
Gump and Lieutenant Dan’s relation during their shrimp business
When Jenny tells Forrest he is the father of the child.He cries and asks if he is smart (fearing his child may turn out to be like him)
On getting rejected on the marriage proposal, Gump expresses that he might be dumb but that he knows what love is. ouch.

Final word: A heart wrenching story with funny moments with a tinge of sadness that lingers on as an afterthought. For the kids who were busy growing up back in 94 now is the time to watch Forrest Gump if you haven’t.


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