The 1000th Hiatus

The problem with ‘hiatuses’ is that you have to explain every time you are going on one or coming back. I should be experienced about it since I have done a number of hiatuses in life especially in the world of blogging. Unfortunately I m always back to square one. However, I will let the curiosity of my absence hang in there for all my blog followers(read: I have zero readership)

The last post I made was back in January earlier this year. Things changed drastically in my life since then. In fact the funny thing about life is that, it is changing every second of our lives. Just that some changes leave impact and nudge us to our core.

To cut the long story short ( in fact there wasn’t a story in the first place) and since I m not diving into the reasons for the hiatus, I m just making an excuse of a post to post another post to get into the swing of more posts šŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “The 1000th Hiatus

    • SO good to see you here. thanks šŸ™‚ and oh ‘hope’ what if things kept happening for the need of ‘hope’ in our lives…isnt hope like an opium since we get addicted to it :p

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