Why I m quiet

December 16th was another unfortunate day in Pakistan. A school was attacked and many young souls and valuable lives were lost to us forever. In the aftermath of the tragic day, everyone expressed helplessly but strongly to the sad event that shook us all. I remained silent, somewhat untouched and indifferent. I was expected to say something, to protest, to voice my anger at the extremists attack on the school in Peshawar. But I didn’t want to say anything. At last when I did pen down something for my own sake of catharsis this is what I could say…

You ask me why I m quiet.
You question my silence,
And think of me to be indifferent.
People are crying all around me.
You nudge me to express it too.
I stare back at you.
It’s a cold crude night.
I shiver and take on the cloak,
The cloak of mourning.
But I stand aside,
Apart from the crowd.
Distance myself from the tears.
Walk away from the vigils.
Close my eyes to the blood.
Muffle my ears to the sighs and cries,
For I have been dead a long time.
My heart once skipped a beat,
Then another and another,
One after the other they left,
With each mosque they blasted,
With each church they destroyed,
With each bullet they fired,
With each suicide bombing,
With all the breaths that escaped,
From souls young and old,
Lives that bled out,
When terror first strike,
When it was but an infant,
That is when my heart skipped a beat,
Then another and another.
I ask you,
Why should the cry be loudest now,
When the monster is beyond our reach.
When we can offer nothing but our own grief,
To the ones whose grief we cannot equal.
Let them at least cry in peace.
For living in peace is beyond our reach.
Let us not burden their sorrow,
With our own.
For we did not cry the loudest,
When the beast was but an infant.

It has been more than a month to the incident. May the souls rest in peace and may we actually learn something from this.


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