Spiritual retreat part 5

Rush to do good deeds. Like everything in life is a competition, doing actions for the benefits of others around us should also be considered a competition.

One of the things I realised and would like to see it implemented in my life is my concern for myself in the hereafter. A selfish thought perhaps where I m concerned about my eternal existence. From another perspective, however, I would be selfless in my actions towards others.It is a clearly win win situation, unlike the conundrum that we as Pakistanis find ourselves in these days in regards to our political upheaval. It is peaceful to know that some things in life are still uncomplicated, still as easy as adding 2 and 2 together.

There is a constant reminder from Surah Al Asr in my mind that reveals the harsh truth of our existence that we, humans are indeed in loss. Loss to me is my ignorance or indifference of making a kind gesture, of doing a good deed; primarily so that I could earn something for my hereafter and secondly with the intention of helping others.

My long term goal should be to do as many good deeds as possible before I will be questioned for my time spent in this world. My short term goal should be to help those around me either directly through financial help or indirectly by manners that are inspiring, gestures that are kind, attitude that is unpretentious; constantly reminding myself that whatever good I m putting in this world is solely because I have gratitude towards my Creator.

But am I really grateful to Allah ?


One thought on “Spiritual retreat part 5

  1. Surah Asr is indeed such a powerful surah in which Allah begins by making an oath by the “time”. We know that whenever Allah makes an oath in the Quran, it is to bring our attention to the extreme importance of what He is making that oath to.

    I personally feel that it is when our relationship with Allah has weakened or lost is when we begin losing hope, make less dua, and eventually stop being grateful for all the blessings He bestow on us. This is such a huge loss as each passing day leads us closer to our graves.

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