Things I believed as a kid

Weather is changing, spring is here and so is the endless summers.  As the flowers blossom outside and welcome spring, my thoughts too are coming to life. I have been going back to the days of innocence. Days when life was simple or so it seemed. Following are some random things I used to believe in my childhood.

At some point in our childhood we doubt if we are our parents’ biological offsprings. I personally had my moments when I thought that maybe I m an adopted child.

I thought that boys around the world are always older than girls.

I used to be scared of the dark, little realising then that real demons walk out in broad daylight and some even live within us.

As kids we see things like no one can. There used to be a beautiful mosque near our house. It had domes and minarets and it gave pink hues after twilight, probably due to the lights fixed on the ground. Whenever we passed by the masjid in our car, I always used to point at it and say hey look ice cream scoops for us all. The domes of the beautiful building looked like ice cream to me and I used to relish that.

When I was about five, my brother told me that the planet we live on is constantly moving. I used to stop many times in a day to feel the earth moving. Yes I have always been silly.

There are many more bits and pieces from the days gone by, the little things that put a smile on your face on a beautiful spring afternoon. So for now I let the breeze caress my face and take tiny steps with the present, glimpsing back into the past as the future pulls me towards it.


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