Flight and Fall

The tempting blue winter sky and the sun’s warm glow seeped into my skin.  On impulse I spread my wings and took flight. It seemed as if the winter’s warmth and pristine blueness of the sky invited me to soar towards it.

It was that time of the winter afternoon when the wind is crisp and fresh with the new season’s promises. I felt hopeful and young, my wings rejuvenated with magnetic force of the placid warm sun.

As I got closer to the brilliant light of the sun, a sweet burning sensation came to life. It was strange; the need to be close to the power of nature was in clash with the desire to be away from it. 

Inch by inch as the distance between me and the sun decreased, my skin felt parched. Cracks appeared faster than my gaze could shift from left to right. The brilliance of the light fell on me like a spider’s web.

Blinded by the unbelievable power of sun’s glow that appeared mild and surreal before, I began to crash back. The same magnetic pull that  was embracing me with all its might now pushed me back like a mighty giant blow.

Flailing all over, I dropped at incredible speed. I could easily imagine myself to be the reel of a video  tape that used to go crazy when a rewind or forward button was pressed on a VCR in old times.

The majestic beauty of the spotless blue in the sky felt like wrapping itself around me. For a minute I thought myself a dainty butterfly, a delicate creature from heavens falling into a  huge azure silk cloth trying to catch me as I kept shooting downwards.

I closed my eyes and imagined my fall, I felt  like a bullet shooting downwards wildly and brutally.

When a housefly royally settled itself on my parched skin, and felt sun’s delicious warmth distant and soft, I knew reality was better than I had imagined it to be.


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