5 reasons why one should once live in Pakistan

Tired of the mundane life, the job, the friends, the same routine to office and back home? Want to spice up your life? Or simply see beyond your comfort zone? Well then it’s time to visit Pakistan. And don’t worry about getting back alive to your homeland; because if Raymond Davis with his anger management issues can, surely you will too and we will not judge you. Seriously.

Following are a few reasons that I think are valid enough to convince you to visit Pakistan if you have never come here or if you did once when you were a kid and they were relatively peaceful times.

There’s no point in making spiritual journey to India or Tibet and learn from the monks. It’s while living in chaos that one learns the true art of patience, tolerance, peace and all the other stuff Buddhists and Indian gurus stand for.

If you are tired of following the boring age old traffic rules, a visit to Pakistan is exactly what you need. Break all the traffic rules and give a smug look to the traffic warden and simply zoom past them. Oh and if you happen to own a donkey cart or a rikhshaw, you are exempted from abiding by the law anyway.

Want your life to be a little more happening; the perfect place for you is Pakistan. You’d be surprised by the number of surprises you will get – unexpected load shedding of electricity and gas. Long queues that could break Guinness book of world records outside the gas stations.

Tired of your grey skies and long winters, please plan your vacations to Pakistan this summer. You can even take the sun with you. While you are here, you will be able to fry an egg on your head anytime, anywhere. Pretty cool I would say.

Pakistan is the most wanted country of the world (and yes we can be found resiliently surviving right next to India and Iran and Afghanistan and oh you know your geography I m sure) for Osama bin Laden was found in the serenity of Abbotabad, enjoying a quite life. It was like finding a pearl in a shell. Oh how poetic. The best part in all of this was played by the 180 million fellow countrymen who woke up in the middle of the night or in the early hours of the day to see that we had a high profile guest with us, who was unfortunately already on his way to the sea. So yes, we have a flare for dare without knowing it. I think it’s an adventurous reason why you should stop by and experience our hospitality.

Yes we welcome our guests despite the fact that many of us die like flies on a daily basis while we are going on about our business.

To be continued… i think it would be interesting to add more as they come along 😉


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