Nonexistent Existence

I see her from where I sit and I know that she consciously avoids glancing in my direction.Days and days go by and we communicate rarely. It is disappointing to me for I begin to feel like a loser; a piece of shit with no use to anyone. Every day as the sun goes up and she draws the curtains to let the sun pour in, I too wake up to the bright sun shine though I’m not a big fan of nature. My tragedy is that I was separated from my kin or whatever I belong to some time back by the same person who has almost abandoned me.

The wonderful life full of friends and opportunities that await her every day, she has no time for the unnecessary, nonexistent things. I might just die one day of the brilliant summer sun light that invades the entire room when she hurriedly leaves the room to meet the world. At least she could draw the curtains to block the heat but no humans are such – forgetful.

First she picks me from the roadside while fervidly talking to her peers and says she will keep me safe for I’m a ‘thing of beauty’ and perhaps her ‘lucky charm’. Pfft! So much for the unfulfilled promises made halfheartedly.

Oh God there is a hot wind coming in through the half open window. Perfect! She even forgot to close the window. Oh oh oh, no no! What a terrible day! There, there I fly and slip on her unmade bed. Sometimes I hate being so light weight.

Who is there at the door? Darn I can’t even see who is entering the room from here. Oh, why is she crying? And back so soon? Hmm serves her right, she’s been making me feel lonely. Aw I feel sorry for the poor thing. I wonder what’s making her cry with such intensity. Maybe she’s failed her exam or been grounded.

She stormed into the room and paced up and down while wiping away her tears and muttering something under her breath.

Now there is another thing to worry about. She is upset, crying like a baby which means she is angry. I hate the days when she disrupts my life with her anger. Though I remain nonexistent but there is a lot of noise anyway and I have nowhere to escape. Well at least there will be a good show of her reaction to whatever has distressed her and…


Then with a new wave of anger she threw her hand bag on the bed. Unfortunately it fell exactly on the lonely feather whose fate is destined to be that of a doormat and forever nonexistent.

Ahhh! This bag is so darn heavy. I will die. A nonexistent feather now lifeless too! 


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