In the following verses Lewis Carroll says that life is a dream. Or is it that dream is life?

Ever drifting down the stream
Lingering in the golden gleam
Life, what is it but a dream?

Dream. One should always have dreams big or small, doesn’t matter. I don’t know how far I can agree with what Carroll says but it is crucial to dream of something and then nurture it, and let it grow. As we continue to live, some of our dreams grow to their full potential while some, unfortunately, are broken down into tiny little pieces. One of the things that becomes our tragic flaw is that we pick up the pieces of those dreams and save them in a cupboard and lock it up. From time to time we take out the pieces and view them as our precious ‘glass menagerie’ like Amanda used to do in the play by Tennessee Williams.  The tiny pieces of the shattered dreams  turns into a decoration of regrets that we eventually grows into a habit of looking at.

This is where we go wrong. Our tragic flaw  makes us nurture our regrets when we should be nurturing new dreams or mending the old ones. We need to develop a new perspective about life, dreams and people.

Life moves on as Robert Frost once said. Hence the need is not to stop at the dreams that break down into regrets. The end of one dreams doesn’t mean the end of life. As one of my really valued teachers once said; no failure in life means that it is end of life. It only means that there are new dreams and opportunities awaiting us.

Then there are people in our life. They are neither black nor white. They are the gray elements in our lives and we cannot push them aside as merely good or bad. We need them. If we give it some thought, having dreams actually helps us see who stands by us in our journey or who puts us off. In a way dreams are like a sieve, we can sift through the positive forces from the negative. The norms of society, the conformity,  the people who tell you to its not possible will all get separated from the finer elements of life.

So go on dream, keep dreaming, have the courage to see some of them shatter and have the patience to see them glow and light you. Dream to see who can stand by you and understand the society and its contradictions. Dream, for life without it is bland.


8 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. What a gorgeous post – so inspiring. I’ve been writing about dreams this week – but sleep dreams. But I’ve found strength and bravery interpreting my dreams. I loved your last line – so true!

  2. Wow,this one is a great post.I completely agree with you.If one doesn’t dream because of disappointment,this one will in my opinion fail to succeed.I used to dream of going to London to study I knew I did not have the means.I decided I will try to get a scholarship.I knew if I told anyone they’ll laugh and make fun of me.Instead I waited for the opportunity.I saw an an ad.and applied .I was called for an interview.The rest is history.I accomplished my dream.I am glad I tried.Everyone should dream.Thanks for your post.
    Best wishes to you.

  3. Muhammad Fayyaz says:

    and what if someones life gets stuck in those ‘tiny little pieces’ or someones life just revolves around one dream that eventually is scattered into pieces !!!

    • Then one should reflect and see how bad one wants that dream to become a part of our reality. If that shattered dream is all one has then the need is to pick up those pieces n put them together with determination and courage. But i think to follow the same dream once again one should change the method the way of approaching the dream/goal. As we often here theres a method to madness. Change the method but stay crazy for the dream.

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