The Trap

Following is another of my 100 word short story.

I open my eyes to claustrophobic darkness. I flail, kick and scramble to escape the bleakness. After what seems like a struggle of a lifetime; I rest my head against the wall, my breath exaggerated. ‘Damn it!’ I cry out loud. My voice echoes. Cul de sac? I question myself. I see a shadow pass. Suddenly it’s towering behind me. Close enough that I feel something clammy. It grips my hands. My voice cracks, ‘Who are you?’ ‘Your fear’, a menacing reply echoes. ‘What do you mean’ I ask confused. The shadow whispers, ‘I’m your writer’s block’. Lights burst on.


2 thoughts on “The Trap

  1. Your one hundred word story is very interesting.Do you just have to write one hundred words? Or are we supposed to take it and create a story of our own.It might be a great idea.Can it be some sort of a challenge?Please elaborate.

    • thank you for liking it 🙂 actually I came across a few short story writing competitions that challenged the participants to tell their story in just 100 words! So I have been brain storming with a few ideas 🙂

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