Baby Steps

Having kids around is a wonderful way of nature to remind us of simple things in life. Spend one day with a kid and you are bound to learn a lot of basic lessons of life that fade away from our memories as we grow up into ‘clever’ human beings in pursuit of ‘happiness’.

From day to night as the sun goes up till the moon glides into the night sky, our energies as adults drop down to zero. However, kids are different. They are packed with an endless amount of energy, powered by fresh positive vibes. If you are ever down spend a few hours in the company of a kid. You will notice that their positive energy is infectious.

I have a beautiful niece at home and seeing her grow day by day is a  gift of God to be truly cherished. Over the year as I have seen her grow into a lovely kid, she has not only given me reason to be happy but also an indefatigable optimism about life. I have varied shades of pessimism in me or so I believe. Like everyone I have had my share of gloomy days resulting in an avalanche of hopelessness. A lot of failing moments have brought me to my knees making me feeling weak, purposeless facing a cul de sac.

Only  a few months back as my niece started taking her first baby steps, I felt being influenced by her routine. From the time she wakes up to the time we put her to bed ( though she is ever so unwilling, ready to explore her surroundings) she practices walking. Her baby steps gave me hope, made me look at something the adult eyes usually overlook.

I have lost count to how many times she trips and loses her balance and falls on her tiny little butt. A few weak steps and then she quickly holds onto sometime or someone nearby for support, trying not to fall. However, when she does fall it doesn’t take more than three seconds to be back on her feet. So the general pattern followed is walk, lose balance, pause a little, try again, fall, get up again but never give up.

She never gives up. No matter how many times she fails to walk she keeps trying and practicing, never for a second losing hope. She is but a kid and of course doesn’t know much about life or its realities. Her world is small consisting of a few people and things around her. This is something the cynic inside me says.

The lesson is to never ever give up. As long as you believe in yourself, as long as you know where you want to go and what you want to do keep at it. Take the baby steps at first and you will know that it is okay to fall sometimes. There is nothing wrong in getting hurt a little. We are humans not machines. We may get side tracked by the weight of our weaknesses, myopic vision and the competitive world but nothing can stop us. Unless we want to stop.


3 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. This is a very beautiful and inspirational post.I agree with you about taking baby steps.I always loved children,this is why I chose to teach little kids. I loved them. Thank you for this post.

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