I saw Her, She saw Me

These days I’m trying to write really short stories. The idea has fascinated me since I came across a 100 word story competition by Readers’ Digest. In the day and age when people have little time to read, I think the idea of really short tales is interesting and unique. Plus it’s challenging to write a story in minimum words. I have written one exactly 100 word tale but the following is exceeds a few words.

“When I saw her she was busy with her grocery list. I wanted to approach her and say a hello.  The thought boggled me, I must be crazy. She looked the same; the rosy cheeks, deep brown eyes, black wavy locks and the charismatic aura except she wasn’t glaring in anger.

The adrenaline rush held me in my steps and I stood there, watching her. Just when I was about to leave, someone called out her name from the aisle’s end. My eyes darted to the figure. As a premonition my heart skipped not one but many beats. I froze in my place, clearly visible to them at the other end of the aisle. After seconds they felt my vibes and looked up at me from their conversation. Astonished at my immobility, I turned pale and felt my hands damp and cold as if struck with lightning or a strange disease. The brunette recognized me and shouted, ‘that’s him, who robbed my mobile at the station.’ ”  


10 thoughts on “I saw Her, She saw Me

  1. What a great model for a short story. I love the description and the surprise.

    Keep going…so glad you are here with this experiment which lends itself to blogs.

  2. thank you Ranu 🙂 could you please let me know if you can comment on my new posts? a friend told me a few weeks back that he cant leave comments on my posts and i cant see why so… and then i was wondering if other bloggers have faced the same problem or not :s

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