Vague words

When the night is dark and the winds are chilly, I think of you. There is a battle inside of me. Keeping my emotions at bay and my thoughts focused, I slide in the times together. There is a vague image of the times so old, pale as a ghost and warm as a sunny day, wrapped in contradictions…

One sip at a time, I enjoy the memories and they make the present seem all the more odd. Deep inside I know that its a futile exercise, none of that which has gone by touches any iota of my heart. I realize that guarding my emotions is not even required. The weak connection I thought I had was but a delusion. An ironic smile meets my pursed lips and surprises me. The sudden change of feelings makes me shift and I feel queasy in my skin. I want to jump of out it like its possible…

There is a spark that tickles my subconscious to life, a wave of emotions crosses the four valves of my heart. Something startles me, I jump a little, like they show in horror movies. I realize there is darkness surrounding me, maybe I m part of a dark film.


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