Stuff Humans are made of

The heart that beats within us is one of the nature’s mysterious and wondrous gifts. Sometimes it weakens the soul and sometimes it fills us with remarkable strengths. The seeds of desire that nurture within the intricate depths of human hearts makes it beat faster, slower, up and down  the roller coaster of emotions.

All our lives we try to hide our weaknesses from the ones around us. We pretend to be strong and prepared for whatever secrets life keeps within its bosom. But when long awaited happiness blooms around us and seeps into our hearts; we fall, overwhelmed, weak in gratitude and wonder. A cocktail of strangest of emotions crash like humongous tides on our heart’s shore. Weak inside and out, we become fearless, and let the world see us, bare, barriers down. That is the true moment of strength.

What strange creatures we are. We are most refined in the moments  when no one sees us, in our comfort zones and we are crudest when we are among the crowd. We are pretentious  when we are weakest. But the avalanche of emotions brings out the strongest in us. Hence happiness makes us stronger inside but weaker on the outside. The rush of emotions brings us to our knees but we quickly get up and hide the finest of our moments.

Stuff  that humans are made of are pure emotions, that we try to put a rein on all our lives – sometimes to hide what lies within and sometimes to keep standing in the face of darkest storms. But what wonders it unravels when it gathers the dispersed feelings and contains it into the heart. And the heart then bursts with joy, embracing all those around with its contagious powers. The beads of joy shine through the eyes and dances on our face.

Fireworks, confetti and laughter are the magics that controls the feeble heart in its strongest moments…

I have seen those moments, and let myself into those finest moments of human emotions and felt it seeping into the pores of my skin, tenderly reaching into my heart and setting off the fireworks.



6 thoughts on “Stuff Humans are made of

  1. just what I needed at this time 🙂 beautiful and simple and the Best thing is it’s all true. I sometimes try finding the courage to expose my own inner fears to people, just to experiment, it gives others strength too but obviously it can be exploited.

    but on the topic of what humans are made of, remember there was something called empirical formula in chemistry? no matter how complex organic compounds are, usually their empirical formula is same. same is with us humans, when it comes to the basics, we are all the same. 🙂

    • thanks. my chemistry was very bad :p but hmm basics of all humans is the same…true..and strange how we all differ when what we have in our roots is the same…

      thanks for stopping by 🙂

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