The joke’s on you

I didn’t want to trash my blog with ‘rants’ but there comes a time when circumstances make you complain about the little things. People are annoying. Yes. What I fail to understand is that some people take it upon them to annoy others and then not feel guilty about it either. For example, some people love to play pranks and jokes on others and when others try to joke around with them, lo and behold at how they react to it. They think they have a right to be funny with others without bothering how they feel.

Why is it so hard for the pompous people to realise that if they want to play jokes on others, they better expect others to do the same. But there is a tip for you out there. Do not ever think that the prank players would like someone else do a harmless joke with them because if you do, it comes with ton loads of attitude problem from the other side. You are made to feel bad and evil for being inhumane for being a source of annoyance.

So at the end of the day, the joke is on you ( meaning me) who thought that maybe its cool to play a joke on ‘someone’ because they always do it with you/others, hence its probably okay…until I realised otherwise.

Moral of the story for the jokers: Only play jokes on others when you can stand them yourself. please. period.


2 thoughts on “The joke’s on you

  1. Oh what a rant, and keep it up, don’t give up playing jokes on that person until he/she comes and begs you for mercy. That’s how you should go about it 🙂

  2. Abeer says:

    Oh Lord – exactly my point and what I really experienced with peers in professional life.
    Such people become a way too irritating sometimes who find to crack on jokes as their core responsibility & when it comes to their own selves, they even refuse to accept a lil evil grin.

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