Wishfully I want…

Right now, at this very moment, as my eyes betray my desire to go on working, I want to go jump off a cliff.

No I dont want to end my life but I do want to attempt that.

As my head aches with a burdensome pain, slowly seeping in through the entire skull, I m tempted to close my eyes. I want to close my eyes and lean back on my favourite chair, let myself loose and embrace the silence. The void of chaos is rapidly filled with fluttering notes of silence.

I want to open my eyes to the dancing of the sea waves, feel the sands in my palms and  feet. I just want to lie there in the sand, against the backdrop of a charming sunset, on its way to a harmonious rendezvous with the deep waters.

As I tilt my head and look out the window into the mundane darkness of an urban housing, there is nothing that amuses my attention but there is something else that I would fancy doing. What pleasure it brings to stand bare feet on the dewy grass in the early hours of a winter morning, away from the conformity of the lives that surrounds us no less than prison walls.

On a sunny afternoon on a regular spring day, I lie down on the tickling grass facing the azure sky. The fleecy, dainty patterns of pristine clouds move into the plainness of the blue like a belle dancer prepared to mesmerise its audience with her effortless gliding.

A bee, a tiny harmless fly, escapes from the dust ridden shelves of my memories and perches on my forehead. The weight burns my skin and I  m brought back to the beautiful confines of what we call life.


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