Fireworks 2012

A new year begins. 2012.  I remember in the days of PTV (Pakistan Television)  ( I m not very old but ya before the private channels) at sharp 12 am a prayer for the country was on aired every new year’s night. Today I grabbed the remote flicking through the channels to get to PTV and instead got mesmerised by the amazing show of fireworks from different cities on all private news channels.

News channels’ headlines at 12.00 am : Manchalay mukhtalif shehron mai sarkon per nikal aay (Youngsters have come out in the streets in celebration of new year). I hope that these ‘naujawan’ and ‘manchalay’ add to the strength of the rising youth for the elections that are going to be crucial for our country. The TV screens are crowded with footage of fireworks from different cities in Pakistan. Ah! What an eventful year it has been for Pakistan in particular and the world in general.

A lot happened, starting with the murder of Salman Taseer shaking Pakistan at the very beginning of 2011. Its shocking that time flied by speedily and here we are knocking at the door of another year. Osama bin Laden’s successful hunt for the US and unfortunate event for ‘us’ was another sad/happy/ironic highlight of the year that will go down in history books and will be passed on to generations. Some will awe some will ridicule and some will let it pass by them. I wonder what it is like deep down in the sea!

The political upheaval is a constant chart toppers for Pakistan. 2011 has, however, ended with a taste to savour with a different political force rising to power. Amid criticism and appreciation PTI (Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf) has risen up as a positive and fresh force from the same old rotten faces in politics. It is indeed a welcome change for the optimists, a chance for the pessimists and ‘liberals’ to shower useless criticism on Imran Khan.

And what of conspiracy theories. Ah well that’s a story for another day!

The biggest change in 2011 for the entire world has been the Arab Spring triggered by a lot of sacrifices of lives in the Arab world. The revolutionary wave left everyone in awe. I hope the civil resistance will become an example for a better world in the years to come. I hope that the change of this magnitude will become a warning, a reality check for the super powers, for the stubborn rulers, for the world politics and its dirty tactics to beware of the power of the common man.

So what is 2012 all about? And what was 2011′s story? No 2012 isnt about world coming to an end!  It is indeed about change. About the wakening of the common man through the example of Arab Spring and on a smaller level in the form of rise of youth and Pakistani politics taking a different road (hoping for a good start).

As I come to the end of this benign reflection as 2011 fades away, leaving behind some scars and some cherish-able memories, I say a hearty welcome to 2012. Lastly  a prayer for Pakistan, for a better tomorrow, for a powerful and intelligent youth, for PTI to keep its conscience alive, for Imran Khan to please watch out and if possible read all the posts on Borderline green (a blog about Pakistan)!! A prayer for you and me to keep our hopes going, to keep our faith. A crude message for the rotten onion faced politicians to please rot yourselves away. Ameen.

After 45 minutes of news reporting about new year, excessive repetition, the private channels need to keep their excitement into check. No room for a little genuine prayer for the country? Ah the good ol’ days of PTV :p

Another year begins…2012

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10 thoughts on “Fireworks 2012

  1. Happy New Year (even if it is 11th Jan already!)… (=

    The Arab Spring is more about the Western interventions than many people realize – and I’m not generally a proponent of conspiracy theories, imho.

    • Cav, great to see you here 🙂 and happy new year to you too 😉
      Arab Spring was the talk of the world last year, though every time experts and generally people talked about it like a panacea for all the problems, it made me think really? what about the western influence in this, just like you are saying… but perhaps in such dark times, the Arab Spring if nothing more is a sign that better times are nearby?

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