Going back to where it began

It is hard to imagine someone ruling a whole lot of population for over 42 years! It would take some courage and stamina to lead people for such a long stretch of rein along with building international relations and handling world politics. Apart from all history involving Gaddafi, his regime and the ups and downs in world politics; sadly he failed to uphold the oath he must have taken after the military coup to take charge of a country, its people and serving them.

Whenever the world and international media turns its hawk like attention to the Muslim part of world, one has no choice but to detest the acts carried out by the representatives of the Muslim and Arab world. The world witnessed the end of Saddam Hussain and looked gravely at Muslims around the world, perceptions formed. Today as another tyrant meets his humiliated end, internationally some more perceptions are formed. What do we do? Do we join in the celebrations of the Libyans and the Holier than thou NATO forces, super powers etc? Or do we take stock of our standing in the world as Muslims once more. Or even better  should we totally detach the once existent Gaddafi to be one of our brethren.

Can we call him a Muslim leader ? Was he in fact even bothered to think in terms of what a Muslim ruler should be like? In fact its a bit futile to  think of someone as mighty as Gaddafi in the parameters of religion living his life in the riches of it, clad in strangely designed huge and expensive fabrics. People called him crazy and there are stories too. But whatever he was crazy or sane, did he deserve the death he got?

A maimed body already soaked in blood was dragged from his hair on the streets of Sirte. Whatever his crime, did he deserve to be humiliated the way he was. Wasnt shooting him enough? If he was wanted by Interpol and International Criminal Court, why wasnt he taken there instead of being murdered. To further create drama out of the events leading to his death, the burial is being delayed, there are speculations and 5 to 6 versions regarding how he died. What is the point of ‘post mortem’ when he was killed during the fight between NTC and his supporters…What’s  more, the bodies of Gaddafi and his son could find no better place for ‘jewels on display’ ritual than a meat storage facility.

A Muslim leader’s one very basic quality is that he is not someone out of reach. People under a Muslim leader know him, they know he’s for real. Someone who is there for his people and they can take their complains to him. An oft recited example that readily comes to mind is that of Hazrat Umer. Ironically, the Libyans that queued outside the meat storage where lies the lifeless power holder, said they had never seen Gaddafi in real life! Some even got their pictures taken with the dead bodies, really?

Its strange and interesting to see how we always run back to our roots, to a place we feel safe, home especially in the case of Gaddafi. The tyrant of 42 years finally collapsed at the handsof NTC while the world watched the mobile phone footage of someone with great power reduced to nothing but an insignificant and powerless creature soaked in his own defeated blood. What was interesting is that he died in his hometown Sirte…

As children our parents used to lecture us that if we got lost in a crowd we should go back to the spot where we started off from given the possiblity that one of the parents would go back searching for us at that place. Gaddafi went back to where it all began. His hometown, his brithplace where death eventually welcomed him. It ended where it began. Nothing more, lets bury him in Sirte. He’s done the damage and so have other political figures in world politics, some are still alive and well respected, why not atleast respect his remains…










originally published on http://www.borderlinegreen.com/2011/10/23/going-back-to-where-it-began/


2 thoughts on “Going back to where it began

  1. Good observation as you draw the comparison between him being a ruler v being a Muslim ruler.

    I still find it amazing how about 5-10 years ago he was a hero, not just to Libyans, but also to the West.

  2. Ali says:

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