Lost and Found

I wanted to start my posts here on a happier note. I m not sulking, I m quite a happy person just that I have to often go around looking for it. Its usually the ‘lost and found’ matter.  But I’m rather disappointed by the ‘randomness’ in life. At first it was something of a positive thing but now its just vague… isn’t it?. At random?  I m on the verge of losing my sanity I think. Or perhaps I m just thinking too hard over somethings that beyond my level of control. Hence wasting away my time and energy. I need some fresh air, some clarity of thought.  Before any of the seasoned writers on WordPress start thinking of me as a nutter, need I explain I m not. Just a ‘lost and found’ phase that is looming over the horizon of my self-hood. Lost and found I say because my existence seems to be hanging in the middle of something stupid. A realm that perhaps doesnt exist. And if that realm is  non existent then so is my reality. It is ironic that being a person with an OCD ( obsessive complusive disorder) someone bound to organise her property into carefully thought out and neat categories and piles is meandering with a confused state of mind.  SO what is the solution to this bizarre problem hmpf? Not the ideal post but I’m hoping that this will give way to some clarity excruciatingly needed in my space of existence.

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