Bon appetit a tous

Yes. I am back, yet again to my very own blog. It feels good to call something your own. Just as I had thought and knew, I would go on to start the post with a totally random thing. I think I need to sort of renovate this blogging space of mine. I have come in the early hours of the day, during the awfully hot summer afternoons and sometimes way late into the starry night to have a look at this webpage – the space of my thoughts and ideas, no matter how lame. Of late every time that I have clicked my way here, peaked in and thought – ‘Great! I have nothing to write about’. Though there is always, ALWAYS a thought up in my mind. 
However, though I dont want to sound the problem child here but I need to admit it loud and open that I have been whining quite a lot lately. And I mean  A LOT when I say it. There have been days when I wanted someone to pull me out of the ocean of despair and dejection and depression. 
The simplest solution was to just lay in my bed, stare up at the ceiling, it too seemed like a feat of tremendous effort to me and then just drift off…only if I knew the direction of ‘drifting’, it might have helped. Or had I only tried. 
Then I happened to watch Julie and Julia, the movie only a few hours back. It did the trick. I have this interest in baking, something that I havent shared on my blog and now feel I have done injustice to no one but myself. As my creative juices shot up, I thought to myself, why didnt I think of this before!! The story was about an American woman Julia Child who went onto become famous by teaching the Americans the art of French cooking (through her books, later TV shows) and the blogger Julie Powell who cruised her way through cooking by using Child’s recipes. Both ended up writing books and becoming famous for something they truly enjoyed doing. 
As for me, I love baking though I cannot claim to be very good at it. Baking is one of my recent interests and so I have tried my hands at cookies, cakes and muffins, apple pies – nothing out of the world but its edible. And people smile when they eat what I bake – an acknowledgement to my bearable baking. 
After the movie session, I feel revived from my past deliberate plunge into the ocean of *beep*. There is still something I can do and get better at IF I remain consistent because that is something exactly both Julia and Julie did. 
The resolution is to remain consistent at all the things I m trying to do in life. *sigh* 

7 thoughts on “Bon appetit a tous

  1. Good that i found my way here.
    Two things common between us in this post.
    Number 1: Yes I was also inspired by Julie Julia movie. So much that i even started my own project. (sigh that it never made to finals)
    And second: I also bake and recently posted about it.
    The resolution is to remain consistent at all the things I m trying to do in life. *sigh* I agree. Bon appetit. 🙂

  2. MJ says:

    khanum, welcome to the blog..if you had come here two years back, it was QUITE alive! hehee..glad to see commonalities :p and hope to see u here often!

    nadia, hmm i didnt think of a new blog but ya well..should i ?

    sami, wohooo! i have to make banofee pie !! and yes cheese cake should count as baking..

  3. I think it's a good idea to create a blog specifically to document your baking adventures, on WordPress, perhaps?

    You can keep this blog for your general writing/musings.

  4. MJ says:

    nadia, i will make the baking blog soon.. i had thought this weekend but a lot kept me occupied ! baking blog it is then, soon 😀

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