2011, what to expect from it

Is it the mid of January already? What? Seriously? And in no time this year will flash before our eyes and we will be reading the last page of 2011, the farewell. 

My last post was a rather heartbroken tale of material loss filled with anger and regret  and a tiny bit of hope in the backdrop as 2011 began. Today when I checked for any updates on the neglected blog, the comments there put a smile on my face. A batch mate, Amna (always goes through the torture of reading my writings hehe) wrote how she has lost some of her stuff and man do I salute her! She lost so much more than me! Then another valued reader, UTP had left a comment “you should be a stronger person after such an incident… my grandpa used to say… when something like a theft happened… “He needed it more…” I think he was right… in all cases…”   Indeed I feel that I am a stronger person now and it delights me how grandfathers and elders are so right. After all the hugs that my mother could give me, she said something on the same lines. Maybe those who stole needed it more than I did. Well enough of introspect I guess. It’s another year, another day and another story awaits us.

The rate at which days are passing by, in no time will we be lamenting our half done tasks, lost ‘to do’ lists and hopelessly catching up to the deadlines we set for ourselves as the year began. Before we start regretting more of our actions and reactions in the story we weave around us with every new day, it is better we remind ourselves of the follies we have already committed ( yes I use the word ‘committed’ since I feel, it puts the impact that ‘committing a sin’ clause can).

 At the beginning of a new year or while promising some resolutions though already knowing their fate even before the first month ends, many of us would ask the million dollar question – what is the mantra of living a better life; a life with less anger, less failures and more accomplishments, healthy relations and so much more.

From all the failings, like many of the readers must have had, I have learnt, that the backbone of cruising safely through life is attitude. Maybe we have read and heard this before. Ya ya attitude right!  Followed by a scornful laughter but it is true to some extent if not all.

We need to tailor our attitude towards life. A lot of things that come to us in life is because we unknowingly attract them. There are energies all around us and this brings us to the law of attraction of the Universe. The energies that emerge from us attract the energies of the Universe. If we emit positive energies, we will attract positive force from the Universe. No matter what religion we follow, most of us believe in the doctrine that a divine energy created this Universe. In Islam too we believe that our Creator asks us to pray to Him for what we need and wish for. That we should always hope for the best, we must avoid falling towards the negative and hopelessness. The long trail of ‘ifs’, ‘I wish’, ‘why me’ ‘another failure’ and ‘I m hopeless’ can easily be controlled if only we channel our thoughts with a clarity of our mind. Channeling our thoughts in the right direction gives way to the right attitude. Things that we think about and that keep us occupied become reality. Unconsciously first we create the thoughts and nurture them either positive or negative and see them turn into reality. We are in control of our life. We are the beings of love, intelligence, success and a lot more good things but at the same time we are also beings who have the power to nurture anger, failure, and revenge. Hence it is entirely on us, either we make it or break it. Whether we are optimistic or pessimistic generates from the kind of attitude we carry in life.
Bernard Shaw said “imagination is the beginning of creation. Imagine what you desire and desire what you imagine and finally you end up creating what you desire.”  Thus we need to imagine the best in life in order to transmit healthy positive vibes to the law of attraction. We can only expect from 2011 what we want it to be.


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