Bye bye 2010! thats the door, just leave!

Another year has come to its end. A new day is waiting to greet us with a mild winter sun peeking out of the massive caravan of clouds and fog. When I started thinking about the ‘last post of year 2010’ there were still a couple of weeks left in December ending. When I started writing the title and a few lines there was just one day left till the new year. I ended up hitting the ‘save’ button instead. Technically I m a  bit late in writing the ‘last’ post of 2010. Writing was never this tough for me. Some days I thought, I have lost interest in what I chose as a career, the line of journalism. To revive my lost enthusiasm for writing, I instantly go to my ‘how, why, where’ guru, the Google. It always ensures that this feeling is just temporary. Soon the writer’s block will end and I will be back to normal. *sigh*

 This time even Google didn’t have the answer to my otherwise described ‘writer’s block’ condition. It was something else. I knew why I wasn’t able to write for more than a month. I knew it all along. It was the excruciating feeling of loss that had send me into my shell. It was like the end of the world ! Nothing seemed to matter much. I was hiding in bed, under the warm blanket and thought this will last till eternity and  I will leave the world with  a broken heart and zilch in my ‘will’ for my next generation.

 I think I m now brave enough to come out of my cocoon and write what I should have written long ago to rid myself of the angst chained deep inside. The tragedy  was that I lost a laptop worth 70,000 Rs along with a hand-me-down mobile phone, wallet, cash, ID card and other accessories in an imported bag from my university during a class lecture while I was in the same room. All my data, thesis work, writings, pictures, songs, everything said bye bye to me and within seconds they vanished almost in front of my eyes thanks to the asses who are on a stealing spree this season. So I went saying  %$$#@&^#  *beep* *BEEP* and glaring at every person with the eye of suspicion.

The epic episode of the robbery/ theft is going to go down in history books for my generation to come. I was crying, panicking, running to trace the thieves with my head spinning and repeatedly saying ‘I cannot imagine this to be true’. Now that I recollect the fateful day, I realise the extent of my stupidity and the amount of tears I shed. if someone ‘consoles’ me about the mishap, I give it a good laugh and narrate the entire incident and the events that followed as if it just happened with one of the characters in the story I m writing.

The idea was to rid myself from the burden of losing some of my precious and valuable things. The more I think about it, it makes me feel not so me. Since when did I start to fuss about ‘material’ things.  I lost what I claimed to contain half of my life’s data. But then what? It was destined to happen that way. What was I gaining from emotionally breaking down for days and regretting the necessity of taking laptop to university.

I may never get my stolen stuff back despite all the efforts made to trace it and neither can I teach the moral less gang stealing others’ property a lesson. What else can you expect from people when the rulers of the country are no less than thieves themselves. Its not that other countries are crime free or that the people of my country are evil but the ratio of getting justice drops when the people at the top have excellent moral records. Nevertheless, I realised I cannot complain and whine and hide myself from the big bad world only because I faced this. This could happen to anyone. In fact this happens to a lot of people every single day around the world.

Though I cannot claim to be a ‘changed’ person after the horrible experience. I sure have realised that there are people suffering from bigger problems than me. In my own country many innocent people lose their loved ones to bombs, ethnic violence, drones and what not. Some people lose their new born babies and children to natural deaths or to pedophiles. What is my loss in comparison to the loss of human life?

As I come to the end of my catharsis filled post, I m shameful of the fact that it took me so long to pen this down. Lastly, IF anyone has reached the end of this irritatingly long whining post, seriously I feel for you. But nonetheless, happy new year! I m more than happy to say GOODBYE  to 2010…need I explain why? :p


6 thoughts on “Bye bye 2010! thats the door, just leave!

  1. arghhh i can sooo relate to it mubi. the same kinda incident i faced and was thinking to jot it down but still didn't and its 6 months now 😛
    anyway despite of whatever u compared to ur misery, it is still a big loss in its own way. so don't suppress it.
    and welcome the outside of cocoon 🙂

    oh n i reached this whining till the end and finally got the ans of y mubi will not miss the 2010.

  2. hey mubi,
    don`t worry be happy
    i can relate to this so many times
    i mean i lost my laptop along with all the data (no backup).
    Then someone stole my purse ,containing gold jewellery, camera and money
    then i lost my brand new camera
    so long long list here

  3. you should be a stronger person after such an incident… my grandpa used to say… when something like a theft happened… “He needed it more…”

    I think he was right… in all cases…

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