life as we know it

What is life? YES i am asking this question AGAIN. what happened to my life and life backwards posts? i thought i would make frequent posts for that one. Life is HUGE and so much keeps happening how come i hardly came back to the enigmatic topic called l.i.f.e. i think i was way too stuck up with it, busy trying to get myself out of the inevitable mess that is bound to take you by surprise. speaking of life, mine is quite uneventful. in other words, more on the predictable side. MORE like a butter on a slice of toasted bread. Even better, melting butter in a baking pan inside an oven and I outside like a watchdog, hand mittens on, admiring the process, looking at the cake rising up, up and up…

There are bound to be maybes in life. a lot of what ifs. life comes with a big bundle of strings attached.
Unconscious mistakes and conscious mistakes. we want to make them. we want to know them firsthand. there is some guilty pleasure in the desire to make mistakes anyway. We are stopped, guided and told how not to make a mistake.

The cake, rising up…

What if i let it burn. yes, that would be stupid of me, wasting butter and eggs and gas and time and money on something i could have made right. but why is it important to make it right every time? it happens. when you are extra careful with baking. it goes wrong. mistake. you make a mistake somewhere during the process that the cake that eventually comes out of the oven doesnt taste right. its burnt a bit, sticks badly to the pan when you take it out, the slices dont go perfect size. in the end you are in a ‘maybe’ state. maybe the batter was too thin or maybe its too sweet, or maybe i took it out too soon so its sticking badly. a mistake’s been made somewhere…

Life, however, is no cake. It is more than just that. It is affordable to go wrong with a cake but there is no room for going wrong in life. As is said life has no delete buttons, no choice of erasing out a mistake or throwing away ‘the cake that went wrong’.

The mistake big or small, stays with you. Like a backup plan, like an extra torch to switch on when its dark. Not to relieve you but to haunt  you.

It is not abyss. Life is sunshine and rain both. It is pleasure and pain together. A period of 24 hours has both day and night. Some mistakes leave scar others just leave you laughing at yourself. Why hold back in fear of making mistakes that we will regret for our lives. Why not just take a plunge and see it for ourselves. Why wait for others and stand on a safe harbour. If life comes with strings attached, good or bad, we should be ready to embrace them.


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