shugum fushum!

I quit ! yes. I am just tired, I mean TIRED of it! There you go, for good *throws her thesis in the bin*. *rushes back and takes it out, its just too precious*


Despite the craziness I’m going through for the sake of a silly thesis to get through with my degree, I dont want to do it. Does my previous sentence make any sense? :s

I m sitting here brain storming on my survey questionnaire, almost on the brink of pulling out my hair with both hands, when I realise my hair is already attracted to gravity. So no hair pulling. I get up and reach for my mobile phone and flip it open, no messages, absolutely no one trying to contact me. No deliberate missed calls from this freaky caller who also randomly leaves encoded messages. Not even a SINGLE missed call…not even he bothered to ring me!!! Outrageous! With a sullen mood, I sink back into my chair and stare at the dirty sheets of doodled questionnaire, strangled in hands in an attempt to extract a magical solution.

I log onto facebook and make a status and log out. I check my inbox, no one emailed. I go back to my work. Occasionally I swing my head to the t.v screen only to find ugly politicians blabbing and pointing fingers at each other. I log back onto FB only to be disappointed to see no response to my status, otherwise flooded with silly comments!

I mean i don’t have any excuse to escape my inevitable thesis work!! why is it like i m the only person left on this planet. Am i ? :O


17 thoughts on “shugum fushum!

  1. i exactly know what you feel…. :p

    i have to submit my thesis by tommorow and present it as well and i have just written 3200 words out of 10,000 and presentation is nowhere to be seen :p

  2. MJ says:

    mha, and i didnt mean it in that sense!!!! no i dont, i was just referring to it to show that at times NO ONE is available not even losers :p

  3. It's like “Bubble Gum” from your last post.

    Stick to it!

    When we achieve/accomplish something that we first thought was beyond us is something that eventually gives us a joy that's beyond words.

    I heard somewhere, “If life was easy, God wouldn't have bothered giving it to you”

  4. MJ says:

    ali 🙂
    nikki, lol ya :p
    beaugly, haha who wud understand that better than u my friend :p
    viks,, hehehe tx for the bubble gum comment :p and ya u are rite about life not being easy :/

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