Tale of a moment

Illuminated by the pristine sun rays pouring in through the long bay window, a speck of dust floated by. The floating glow caught her attention. Her brown deep set eyes followed the slow rhythm of the dust as it made its way away from the light and into the room.
The pair of eyes stalked the dust motes as they disappeared somewhere above her head. The slanted sunlight kept filtering in through the glass and dust motes continued to invade the room like some magical dust hanging in the air after the spell had been cast. Her mouth agape, she stared above her head as if there was some ‘splendor’ in the way tiny particles moved about for a while and then vanished.
In the meantime a trail of thought slipped from her and joined the celebrations of the dust mote, now appearing like tiny angels in the slant of the sun’s light. Her idle hands untied her untidy bun of hair and let them loose and tied them in a neat braid. The long plait of hair rested on her lean shoulders and touched her floral kameez below her bosoms. Her eyes remained fixed on her thoughts and dust particles disguised as angels in a rendezvous. with her back towards the window, she sat in a trance of an insane person.
An impatient knock rapped on the bay window and startled her out of the bubble. As she turned her face towards the light, a pair of angry eyes met her dreamy pair. She slid her cracked heels into her rubber slippers and trotted her way towards the door.
An artificially exasperated voice said: “Didnt you hear the bell? Where are you lost half the time?”
She said: ” I’m just a dust mote”. The exasperated voice didnt wait to hear and walked away in her own bubble.


6 thoughts on “Tale of a moment

  1. MJ says:

    desi, thanks! i think i should be saying ur posts 'light up my life'

    but it disappoints me to see not many readers are leaving their comments :/

  2. awwww moby so beautifulllllllllllll.. how often we tend to forget that these people have desires n hopes n ambitions very much alike ourzzz they dream just like we do they r human just like us too

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