Consumed by the lies

The reason our elders told us fairy tales was because they carried a moral at the end of all happily ever afters.

Of the many stories Pinocchio’s the one that I distinctively remember, at least for the time being. The moral of the story was on the lines of lying and its consequences. The character of Pinocchio was a wooden carved puppet that comes to life and ends up having a long nose due to habitual lying. I’m sure all of us remember it. Either we have heard them from our elders or have narrated to our young ones as bed time stories.

As the mild winter sun shines out my window and the UPS winks green, blue and red lights – exhausted by a continuous 3 hours load shedding; I wonder which planet our politicians have come from. Did they too hear about the story of Pinocchio? Or maybe they all suffer from selective amnesia where all the moralistic childhood stories have just vanished from their gray matters. Or maybe, whichever planet they were kicked out from, the beings there just wiped out all the memory out of their brains and then sent them on earth to seek asylum!

A night before a news scroll herald that some bigwig, whose name now skips my mind, announced that there wont be anymore load shedding of electricity in the country. Suddenly?
They must have stolen Hermione’s magic wand ( begging or stealing is habitual in this part of the world) or how else can a problem like that become a solution on its own.

The next morning the bread refused to go into the toaster as I pushed down the lever and then I realised that the magic never happened. That I was pushed into believing a fake promise by the Pinocchios running our government institutions.

Now I wonder at my own self destructive naivety of believing into the lies cooked and served with a pinch of irony sprinkled thoroughly on our t.v screens. I wonder at my own short sighted action of casting a vote for a party whose leader is out on a ‘hunting’ trip because this the only time for leisure.
I think of my father switching on news channels to hear the much awaited and already delayed ‘good news’ that was about to welcome our lives. I look at today’s paper and see a fat crowd of ordinary people ( yes they live among the Pinocchios) holding placards that read words like ‘inflation’, ‘rising’ , ‘justice’. Then I wonder do our ruling Pinocchios chops off their noses every morning for the lies they baked the previous night?

I just got the answer from a little birdy that just flew in.


8 thoughts on “Consumed by the lies

  1. MJ says:

    cavaliere, i m a journalist in the making :p actually i did sent it to a paper (not for editorial of course) but they didnt entertain it :p

  2. babe iv always told u ur next place is abroad at some super cool journalism school but u r one big bag of lazy bonez!!!!

    loved it lakin the pinochios havnt gt the message.. they r fake pinochos fr if they were real.. they would hav done smth abt it..apart from cuttin their noses..

    oyee i ws wondering what ws the moral of cinderalla sleepin beauty snow white n all sorts of romantic fairy tales

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