kashmir day

another day, another year, another 5th Feb. another holiday. this is what kashmir day has become for us. i was reading a column the other day and the columnist asked a very genuine question by the end of the article. he asked something on the lines of what kind of nations achieve anything worthwhile that takes a day off and does nothing?

year after year we live 5th feb as a day to sleep more, do our chores, finish our to do lists or just be. maybe relax. why not go to our colleges, schools and offices instead of taking a holiday on a day that should be very important to us. however, instead of working or studying like on normal days, we should get out on the streets to peacefully protest in a unified manner and make our voices heard. what kind of support do we show to our brothers in kashmir for the sacrifices they have made over the years by celebrating a holiday?

state terrorism still continues


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