so um ya!

Give me some sunshine
Give me some rain
Give me another chance
I wanna grow up once again

ya the lyrics from a film, a fillam! i m so out of words i couldnt even come up with original verses on my own birthday. yes its my D day today, my ‘birddaaayyy’. so this song above is all thats been hovering all over me these days. these lines sort of pinched me. i dont know why but ya i do want to grow up once more. no, no i think what i want is not to grow up anymore, turn back time, freeze it where ever i want it to. maybe a carpe diem of a different sort, seize the moment whenever i want. be like peter pan in a land where one never grows.

or maybe i just stop being an impossible person with impossible childish wishes and act my age. now thats boring. wheres all the fun? i think i will go back to that wishing corner and sing the above song hahaha.

or get into the JOE (from Friends) mode and look up the ceiling and whine ‘why God why me’ except that unlike him i m not yet 30 ! *phew* :p hahaha loved that episode when rachel turns 30

or just peek out the window and be contented with the magical view outside – snow falling from the heavenly sky, feel it on my face and awe at the flakes as they become part of my hands as soon as they touch them.

i like the last thought better, theres life left for other crazy wishes

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