as i close my eyes to the sound of the dancing sea waves, my feet feel the soft wet sand underneath. the fading rays of the drowning yellow sun touch very inch of my tired soul. i lock my bare feet on the shores and in the brown sand that matches well with my skin colour. theres a crowd around, mute, silent, not even a sound. the characters in a story just to fill up some vacant spaces but no role to play. figures stationed at a distance to give an illusion of human bodies just not alive.

there is some whisper in the air, some song in the winds, someone pulling in a direction but my feet…the water rushes from the sides of my feet, from between my toes, from above them, touching upto my ankles. just like time i think to myself… like a dream. one minute it is long and endless but as soon as you open your eyes there are just a few blurry images, colours spread in the air but nothing that you could touch.

the beautiful, subtle veils of afterglow reveal a darker sky and the growing twilight cast a shadow on the glittering bed of sea. while i just stand there like a stubborn child, feet grounded deep into the shores, in a futile attempt to stop the bold waves from crashing against my numbness.

i wish for time to slow down a bit, my tired feet cannot seem to keep up with the moments rushing by…there are thoughts clogging up the insides of my brain. there are some thoughts that need to be penned down, some words to be said, some tasks to be done, some moments to be enjoyed, some time to freeze for a while. theres simply a desire to sit by the window and stare out at the view.

time says
i m but a fool
among many
who walk past me
its time
says time
i let go
of the afterglow


9 thoughts on “afterglow..

  1. Love this, Mubi! My favorite line would be, “the characters in a story just to fill up some vacant spaces but no role to play.” I feel this sometimes, when I'm a part of the crowd yet feel so much detached, and the people around me seem like a meaningless blur.

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