All the benches are wet with groups of dew drops attending a dew convention to debate for an extension in their life span. They banter and chatter oblivious to the sun shining through the chinks in the trees lined adjacent to the benches. The convention would soon come to an unexpected end. Just like that…

Before the sun can see the dew, I walk up to the fading green benches and choose the driest part of the wood to sit on, some could live to see the sun shine on them…

With eyes scanning the words, my ears decide to find company else where. As my fingers, cold and hard from the fresh winter air, scribbles in dirty scrawls, my ears absorb all sorts of sounds. Birds chirp and flutter and greet their neighbours on other trees. The thin film of mist moves serenely through the lawns and the whispering trees – almost like a pantomime if viewed from a distance. The layer of mist dissolves into the air as a group of girls walk past it occupied in their gossips, debates and mere speculations. The sounds of nature are soon defeated by the loud sirens, rows and rows of it passing on the ever busy road. Their ‘rhyming’ sound hangs in the air for some time soon to be followed by the impatient horns and roaring engines, screeching wheels where the road and the hot tyres meet in a ‘friction’. While this happens my mind races back to the images freshly stored and preserved in the corner of my brain. Images of my unmade bed, ma’s frowning cute little face scolding me for another late start for college, pops uttering ‘inshaAllah, i will pick you by 2, be safe…’ , the queue come flock of girls passing by the sniper and through the metal detectors. As the sound of the singing sirens dissolves in dust particles suspended in the air, I quickly bury my images for later reference. At the same time I make a mental note to add more to the collection. For a second everything falls into a silence. No birds, no crows, no whispering leaves and mist, no emergency bells. A silence is soon taken over by the rhythm of the dribbling basket balls.

I survived another day..


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