another rain post….if love is shelter i m going to walk in the rain

Its morning and i wake up to a crowded gray sky. then the sky pours down its beautiful gift and rains. just the perfect start to the day in Lahore.

i couldn’t resist it and went out. at length i stood there admiring the monsoon weather under my umbrella. the wind was welcoming and the rain inviting. the umbrella soon lost its company and rain found me to play with. soon i was under the out of the world rain shower, it grew faster and heavier, just the kind i was waiting for the entire summer. it got colder and windier and more rainy. the rain fell down generously and drenched me soon. every part of my clothes embraced rain and cling to me to never let go. the wind felt cruel for a while but i surrendered to it. i let it make me shiver. i let the rain overpower me. i stopped moving and stood there to have a rendezvous with the rain as it fell lovingly on me. i looked at the sky, eye to eye trying to figure out how rain traveled from up there. but nature has its secrets and all i could see was a magical appearance of rain out of no where, just falling down. i realised that rain was in love. it came rushing down to its beloved. wasnt it so appropriate for the rain to say “i fall in love with the land, the soil, the earth and kept falling until i embraced it and melted into it”

coming out of my pointless thoughts, i secretly prayed for my wish to come true. it is said that pray while it rains and it will come true. so i prayed and prayed until i felt exhausted by my own whispers. the rain fell and fell everywhere. the clouds above moved faster, like ghosts sailing through God’s sky. i walked barefoot on the soft bed of wet grass. the paleness of my feet complimented the green of the nature. then i looked around me; my wet glasses resting on the lawn swing, arch wall darkened where rainwater had embraced it in a blot, wall cress flowers hanging down in a farewell to the dripping leftover drops.

it was a moment,
a moment reflecting divine power,
when the rain danced down,
the purest of winds blew.
it was the rhythm in the air
the thunder in the clouds
when a whisper was let out,
when the world came to a tiny halt,
and a shy breath escaped
from the slightly parted lips.
it met with freedom
to fly away with the winds..


10 thoughts on “another rain post….if love is shelter i m going to walk in the rain

  1. MJ says:

    rabia, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    purple, hehehe i wont *evil grin* :p

    desi, aww i hope it rains there :p

    rome, what? you slept through my post or the rain? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ :p

  2. mubi u know i read this the first day, but while i was posting my comment i ran out of balance or something…u know this is such a beautiful post i dunno why, i wish i could write like this..
    and waisay i m your fan ab se

  3. MJ says:

    mha, oh thank you so much ! ๐Ÿ˜€ but really i have read this every time everyone of you commented and i thought tareef kuch ziyada hogai :/ ehehe

    but the comments are so motivating..i hope i get really good at writing

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