the lemonade genius

My friend and I had this profound conversation on the above title. She was upset and thus the discussion went forth like this.

Amy: How hard is it to make lemonade ! ..

Mubi: it takes a newton, an einstein, a meera, an ainak wala jin and an amy to make a lemonade.. hm i say not that hard !

Amy: very hard ! .. do u have any idea abt my struggle today !

Mubi: no the lil birdy who delivers news got caught in an accident. what happened :p

Mubi: oh the lemons refused to get squeezed by you?

Amy: no it was horrible in taste mubi !

Mubi: then the following equation would work

amy + lemons + kitchen = disaster – amy – lemons= empty peaceful kitchen

the conversation followed but not in my favour. i also got to learn that there exists a Portugese lemonade :p


10 thoughts on “the lemonade genius

  1. MJ says:

    beaugly, ab yeh kia hai :p world is full of kinds of lemonades huh :p

    desi, bus yehi sunna baqi tha *sniff sniff* lol, thank you 😀

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