when the sky talks to you

Her feet sank in the green of grass, puddle of water filled her sandals. Rain drizzled down,a tiny baby drop fell on her forehead. She lifted her face up, tried looking at the magnificent canvas of clouded sky. The brightness above mighty as ever made her squint her eyes. She closed her eye lids and let the raindrops dance on her face. The sky began to let go off the long held rain. Then she heard the longest thunder in her life. A lightening might strike her. But the rain, it fell down with force and fervour to the preceding rhythm of thunder . It rushed down towards the thirsty soul. As the droplets fell down, everything brightened up. Everything came to live. The grass, the leaves, the lemon tree nearby, even the birds began to sing a little. The windowpanes glistened to their own lifeless tone that water slid down them.

She stood there, her wet feet rooted in the soft grass tickling her. She observed that her feet looked whiter, fairer, flawless. A tiny red ladybird gave company to the tiny finger of her left foot, like a thief hiding in a narrow alley, silently and invisibly. Oblivious of the tiny life by her foot,she looked at her hands and saw beauty. The wheatish complexion had transformed to a glowing white. The rain fell down on her clothes, absorbed into the fabric and disappeared making it see through. The rain fell on her skin and the tiny hair stood in welcome of it.

A streak of shiver ran through her body and emerged on her skin as goosebumps. She quickly rubbed her hands over her cold arms embedding the standing hair. The softest breeze blew and alarmed her. The rain had stopped. The sky had grown silent and the clouds had swam away to another destination.


7 thoughts on “when the sky talks to you

  1. The rain had stopped but she was shivering. The thunder was replaced by the coolest of breezes, marking the end of a rain dance. Suddenly her shivering grew more more violent, and she could no longer ignore it, even for philosophical reasons. The next moment everything went blank.
    The next she saw light, was that of her own bedroom, she lay there almost lifeless untill now. She woke up looked left and right to find the room deserted, the only thing that probably gave out a feeling of being alive at that moment was the computer in front of her bed. She got up quickly to see what was the white screen. Its said “FACEBOOK”
    and someone in the right bottom corner was buzzing her
    hassaan: “kya hua hai?”
    mubi: “nothing yar down with the usual flu and fever”
    the gravity of her own words came down hard. Suddenly her fair flawless skin was fair flawless no more, even if it was…

  2. MJ says:

    Ubee, aw thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

    mha, LOL kia continuation kia hai ๐Ÿ˜› well woh tu purani baat hai :p it rained only parso and thats what i am talking about and m not ill this time ๐Ÿ˜€ *jumping around in joy* ๐Ÿ˜€

    desi, aww *hugs* i wasnt keeping anything from you :$

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