did you? yes i did

Do you have it?
No i dont
Why dont you have it?
No one gave it to me
But why didnt you ask for it?
I think I did ask for one…
What do you mean ‘think’? dont you remember?
I would have, but its been a long time
How long?
Maybe in another life?
We just live once…

O now I remember
that i did ask for it
you did?
yes !
well they didnt seem to feel my existence..
that is bizarre…did u tell them you really needed it?
Yes, i told them i NEED it and i have been waiting for it
what did they say?
what do you mean nothing? they must have…
i just heard something…big
then something hot slid down my limbs and chest..
what was it?
streams of it began to joyously slide down every part of my body
what was it?
something flew towards me and hit me on the forehead
was it a ball?
no, it was someone’s some part
what you do mean?

I asked for peace…

I asked for peace and i got flesh and limbs flying towards me
I asked for peace and my blood earned freedom. it broke through my body
my blood and my brother’s blood found escape from the false belief in piece


9 thoughts on “did you? yes i did

  1. Oo nice serious stuff mubi you kinda inspired me to write something to check my blog, but hey BELIEF IN PIECE? Read the last line, how can you believe in piece? (sorry couldn't resist :p)

  2. MJ says:

    AD, how am i playing with ur pretty eyes 😀

    mha, i was hoping someone would ask and you did. well i put it there purposely, instead of 'peace'

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