i found this scribbled in a small diary when i was looking for something else.
wonder when and why i wrote this…

titled : bare feet robbers

they robbed and robbed. had so much money but why did they never bought a pair of shoes?
or at least stole one? hah !


14 thoughts on “silliness

  1. MJ says:

    ubaid, tu mai kia keron :p go see a doctor..u are a sad person waisay bhi *evil grin* its ok i wont charge u a fine if u laugh or cry

    purple, hehe hmm i like ur perspective

  2. cavaliere, i didnt write this in some previous centuries :p m sure of that
    lol @ word veri rearranged :p i like she swan 😀

    beaugly, aa warriors in disguise of robbers? 😀

  3. Ummm did they have feet? I've heard of people floating in the air…like two feet above the ground…get it? TWO FEET above the ground…(pun very much intended, rather the whole sentence was written to facilitate the fantastic pun)

  4. MJ says:

    zee,, this is a strange world :p

    mha, lol well the pin just got killed you explained it so much. no i bet they had feet

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