on being anti men

when mubi thought that…

Men are pretty little girls

people said…

chacha homer: its good you guys are finally accepting us as one of your own πŸ˜€

doci anni: that is quite a controversial thing to say :p

mha: someone told me you’re really anti men since always, so understand your dissing me :p :p

S.s : leme think…..

I. N: blahhhh

soso: profound insight. btw what gender is it again?


12 thoughts on “on being anti men

  1. Remember me and amina had a big convo/fight over this…lol…i said something close to the very end which prolly ended the discussion, which i wont repeat (just to irritate you :p muhuhahahaha)…waisay men aren't that bad its women who always forget stuff, fail to watch videos which their friends plead to them to watch, are so slow in replying that the other person falls asleep…and dont visit their friends' blogs…waisay i'm not antiwomen at all, like you said

  2. and like i said, its coz our gender is quite likable, its hard being anti women :p

    and why do i have the feeling that all these things are pointing towards me :p btw i did see the vid and i loved the lyrics ! they made me sad though :/

    when is the time when u and amina dont fight? so its hard recalling which fight :p

  3. MJ says:

    specy, i bake good cookies :p but m out of butter and flour :p

    beaugly, lol..like always i love ur comment :p u are indeed beautiful πŸ˜€

  4. I ve always wondered why I keep thinkin bout getting up one day only to see myself turned into an old hag.
    Now I know ! Men are pretty lil girls…hmm…indeed !
    When did you make the discovery ?

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