fathers day

i got a text from a friend

A little girl and her father were crossing a bridge.

father: please hold my hand

girl: no dad, you hold my hand.

father: whats the difference?

girl: if i hold your hand and something happens to me, chances are that i may let your hand go. but if you hold my hand i know for sure you will never let my hand go !

however, in mubi’s life things are a bit different

one day
mubi: papa i was thinking….

papa : are you asking me or are you telling me ?

mubi wondering and attempting to sound clever: umm telling you?

papa giving mubi a look

mubi: *sigh* FINE asking you

papa: hmm much better young lady

another one day

mubi driving

papa hands clutched on the handbrake

mubi: papa will you please take your hand off it and let me drive?

papa: it feels good this way

mubi and papa in the car in the garage

papa: so are we there yet?

mubi: ya i guess…

papa: does my beard look overgrown?

mubi: hmmm no it looks fine

papa: ok im going to the barber to get my bread trim

mubi: ok


mubi and papa in a conversation from two different floors

papa on 1st floor: where is that covering sheet?

mubi on ground floor: its the green one from the top. there are 3 sheets on my chair

papa: green? there is no green !!!

mubi runs upstairs and smartly shows papa the green one

mubi: see, this one !

papa astonished: and this is green?

mubi: oh i forgot…

papa: what?

mubi being cheeky: that you cant recognize colours

papa: says who?

mubi: a wild guess !


10 thoughts on “fathers day

  1. Lol very very cute man esp the car wala scene, happened with me in the beginning too… i need to do a post of my own about this soon inshaALLAH…may your dad have a long life.

  2. MJ says:

    cavaliere, hehehe aww it is a tribute !! and if you want to read a real one, i wrote one last year too :p with pics and all

    mha, aw thanks m so cute :p and i thought guys 'boys' dont have to go thru the car melodrama :p hehhee

    zee, m so glad i was able to 🙂

  3. LOL@ cavaliere.. I agree 😉

    But that was sweet. Thats just like what my dad does. sometimes, we kids are mean and when he steps into the car, we make horrified eyes at his tie so he goes back to change it, LOOL.

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