three eggs cracked…

mubi was scrubbing and rubbing and polishing the fridge while mum has her best conversation ever

two women are engaged in an intense conversation about the relations of the family, the ones that go like ‘woh kis ka beta tha…’ ‘us ki biwi taya kay betay ki beti thi jo ab apni nand kay shukar ki khala zaat behan hai, us ki ma meray mamoo ki biwi ki phophii thi…’ these kind of long LONG relationship talk where the root to the family tree is trying to be discovered.

khala: tanveer ka mian/ shawher fareeda ka bhai hai

mama: tanveer ka?

khala: haan..dekho…jo tanvee..

mama: tanveer mard ka naam hai?

mubi chuckles and bursts in laughter.

mama: kia? tanveer aurat hai?

mubi: obviously ma, Pakistan mai abi tak gay marriages legal nai hoi !!

as an afterthought mubi ended up breaking 3 eggs….


20 thoughts on “three eggs cracked…

  1. uff n i never get the hang of wo kis ka beta ha n wo is ki behn ha etc etc esp jab itni intermingled family ho… i hav given up trying to figure out k kon hum sa related ha n kon nahi.. no no i hav given up figuring out kon KIS TARH related ha..

  2. LOL @ Tanveer ka mian xD

    Mairi bhi ammi ki side ki family history is HUGE! Gaoun walay people have the whole family tree ki book.
    It’s in persian. |: It’s THAT old =(

  3. Haha, someone told me of two guys named SADAF and IRUM, and that someone was swearing by herself. Anyways, three eggs is not that bad, you should thank God they weren’t Bad eggs, or you’d have been cleaning for the next 25 years…btw you could’ve written
    “then mubi saw two videos on facebook that made her day/changed her life”:p

    awww revoir amigos

  4. MJ says:

    beaugly, no way a book? high five dude..we too have a book on our family lol..but its not really updated hehehe

    mha, sadaf and that girl must be really kidding!!! mumtaz is a unisex name but not those!! :s

    and omG you cannot put french and spanish together like know my bias :p and why do u write ‘aww’ and not ‘au’ ?

  5. MJ says:

    rome, o i thought i replied where did the comment go? :s

    yes i was. and ya hehe neither do i get the hang of the complex relations :p

  6. OG says:

    I have a paper with my family roots going back to just 1750’s something! 😦 But I heard there was a guy in our India wala village who had them way back to …ahem…aaryans I think! 😀

  7. The broken eggs reminded me of the ‘shiekh chilley’ fable .. when he was walking with a basket of eggs, thinking far fetched about how the eggs will produce chicks and he’ll grow them to sell and buy sheep and become a wealthy farmer and when a begger will ask him for some money, he’ll kick him like he did and stumbled; the basket he held fell to the ground and the eggs were cracked 😀

  8. MJ says:

    OG, wow!! that sounds all the more cool 😀 well our roots go bk to yemen :p eheheh

    aadil, hahahaha i know that story…infact i have a audio, a cassette of such stories..i used to listen to em bachpan mai ;p

  9. MJ says:

    ubaid, lol aww that isnt good :p

    cavaliere, yes my mum has a knack for being funny hehe

    rainy, hahaha sometimes i find it weird..i mean one shud never name their kids like mumtaz and naseem (even thats a guys name too)

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