declaration of a hiatus after an announced hiatus and comeback

i m back.
out of my secret shell

Sometimes the strangest things happen to people! something to make them jump out of their seats. something to make them believe in miracles. and for those who already believe in them, the faith strengthens.

Those strangest things result in ultimate euphoria. the zone of accumulation bursts and it flows out. the joy, the exultation, everything. you feel like doing a jitterbug dance. without any effort you are jumping around in joy, literally, displaying your mental imbalance due to excessive euphoria. but you dont care, you continue dancing, jumping up and down, twisting and turning in exceptional joy like you own the world; without any worry that your neighbour might be peeping out of their window, looking across them inside another window. you go on singing the first song in your mind in your hoarse voice, the glass doesnt break either.

so whats your motto? nothing is impossible in this world. miracles do happen.


15 thoughts on “declaration of a hiatus after an announced hiatus and comeback

  1. happening of miracle is all about what you think of as a miracle

    to me anything is possible…

    every thing is a miracle in its own way… if you look at how beautifully everything synchronizes in life… 🙂

  2. MJ says:

    ubaid, thats not the miracle m talking about :p and tx

    sami and zee, i agree, the little things in life are all miracles..its just how we perceive it

    lost, nothing really :p

    azra, hehe tx,,actually m going again…:p

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