coke vs the guyain (cow) soap

Never saw it on t.v. but so far the stupidest advertisement i have ever seen. i would prefer watching the oh so famous guy (cow) soap ad from the 90s over the coke one. Too bad youtube doesnt have a clip of it :/ but the tag line for the advert went like this “what a guy(cow)” the cow is ‘guy soap’s’ brand mascot.


11 thoughts on “coke vs the guyain (cow) soap

  1. MJ says:

    zee, what is right about the ad? a) its unnecessarily long and b) amir khan only looked good dressed as a woman in the TATA cable blah ad :p i am sure this ad wont sell the product

    AD, no i havent…hm leme youtube it :p

    sami, a lil is quite a lot ;p and ya i love the guy soap one has been able to beat that one 😀 even their new advert isnt good, just a bombardment of a happy family jingle :p

    cavalier, hehehe well i should be working on my calligraphy…:/ and yes i am kind of studying advertising though i did the electronic ad thing last year :p


    This is AWESOME, Mubi…

    waisey tum aj kal itney ads kiyon dekh rahee ho? Woh bhi dhoond dhoond key? PTV laga lo… aik din mey ankhein bhar jayein gee ads sey!!

    (Don’t remind me of the guy soap lady.. she was pretty and I wanted to be her when I grew up)

  3. MJ says:

    specy, lol nai doond doond ker nai :p aur ab koun ptv lagai :p hhahaha u serious? the cow or the coy lady..hmm lol

    p.s no hes not. i liked him better in the tata advert :[

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