of advertisements…

hmm ads sometimes give you deja vu like this one

omore :/

so omore’s is a copy of coca colas :/


11 thoughts on “of advertisements…

  1. I like the OMORE ad; its stuck in my head!

    Hai Mubi, unhon ney background tu change ker diya hey. Aur kiya kertay? 😛 Ziyada takalluf mey nahin pertey hum Pakistani

  2. MJ says:

    omg i dont believe most of you like omore :p i just tasted two flavours didnt like it at all…

    specy! the ad is quite annoying :$

    lost, we used to get a pakistani version of this coke ad as well…

  3. oo.. i remember cola ka add… i was in school… in fact early 90s perhaps… !!!

    then they came up with the urdu version of it as well…

    prinday gayain jahan… something like that !!! 😀

  4. MJ says:

    sami, ya i dont remember the urdu jingle but i do know that one of my teacher’s from college wrote that jingle hehehe

    and its good you know no omore..its a new ice cream 😀

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