resham da lacha

this is the song i have been listening to these days :p love it! 😀 😀


10 thoughts on “resham da lacha

  1. Calm Cool says:

    resham da laacha lap wey

    es ko gungunay mei b kitna maza aa rha hy, bey ikhtiyar muskurahat aa rahi hy chehre pr….. !
    ennna cute hy1

  2. Calm Cool says:

    mubi if possible post its lyrics as wel, it will b gr8 to read as well!
    bt don’t translate them!
    ya main likh don ? 😛

  3. MJ says:

    Ubee, nai nothing like that :p

    calm, hehe you cant agree with him :p and thanks..i love this song. as for the lyrics..i cant understand all of them :$ sure why dont you do it for me 😀

    cavalier, 🙂 aye aye captain!

    sami, lol such a show off arnt you..dont worry i am catching up. all my followers thank you so much..lets show it to sami :p

    NAV, omG u still know the way to my blog 😀 m so glad. and lol i loved the link you sent..never heard this pangra pa pa song..i have bookmarked it 😀

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