i walk a million miles

The new year is no more new. All the fresh resolutions that were made have been long forgotten. All the to do lists have either been torn out or lost, maybe under our beds, perhaps victimized by thin legged spidies and other such tiny creatures or worse, they are jharofied. At least that’s what happened with me. O no no, I never got to make any resolutions. I am one of those people who keep writing the previous year on their notebooks and later realize – its new year!

Now that i am done with the introductory para of my “new, lighter, fresh post”, I shall take you lot to the suddenly born resolution at this time of the year. Like they say its not too late to start over anew. Well its not really that dramatic. I have finally realized that love handles are not so lovely. Flat abs are things to have and the perfect figure is what one should be able to carry. Thus as soon as this realization dawned on my lazy existence, I pulled up my socks (literally) and grabbed my trainers or joggers or shoes or whatever you call( they are Sketchers, I wear brands :D, [bracket within bracket, ah the joys of showing off]).

My first day at walk, a brisk walk to be specific went quite satisfying. I did two ‘takeovers. One I left behind a fat, obese guy and was impressed with myself and two I sped passed an auntie with a pram, baby car or whatever you call that thing with an over sized baby sitting/ crushing it. Then I saw numerous wrappers and paper advertisements of Omore ( the new ice cream in town, putting up all sort of outdoor advertising) lying about the footpath and quickly smsed my brother to bring home the new product. I walked faster as I thought about the peanut butter resting in the cooling fridge along with the Hershey’s chocolate syrup and I was almost about to start running when I thought about the big, appetizing, chocolately jar of Nutella in Al Fatah( a local supermarket thats shrinking day by day) I saw but forgot to buy(a private, whispered ugh).

There were more serious issues at hand while I was out practicing my health regime and concentrating on walking with the right posture. The first seriously funny thing one comes across while walking is how others are walking. Its the best time to walk like you are some arrogant Roman ruler and pretend to be looking somewhere far away when actually you are scrutinizing other people as they walk by you and then laugh inwardly at their cartoonish walks. I have witnessed so many aunties and uncles who have their signature styles that havent changed in last 6 to 7 years. None have lost any weight but definitely good circulation of blood, maybe. The second thing that is kind of techno scary is how people carry cell phones with them while out on a walk. Not only carry, they have it glued to their ears, thanks to the new cheap packages and call rates . A good way of concentrating more on the gossips and less on the walk. I wonder who is the poor person on the other side of the line since all the people i pass by are talking and hardly ever listening to the other side! The third annoying problem one confronts while walking on the footpath along the road is the cars. The cars zoom past you with their beam lights ON, little realizing that its not a highway, only a street. so when you are trying to relax, walk and unwind, suddenly a cascade of flashy lights blind you out. that’s the last thing you would want. no wonder parks are always a good option. but then driving all the way to the parks isnt always feasible. Fourth was not so surprising- a man sitting on his apparently parked motorbike right in the middle of the footpath while people had to change their track either to the left or the right. beyond basic human understanding.

while I decide how many more walks i would have to trudge myself to, you stay and stare below………..
the page of course! animals could work as an inspiration (:


13 thoughts on “i walk a million miles

  1. MJ says:

    desi, where do u walk then :p zee, lol i hope i continue the walk..i not very consistent in my exercise regimes..never had one :pazra, haina? i love penguins esp after madagascar…my brother says the reason they walk their cute funny walk is coz they feel cold!! πŸ˜€beaugly!! i kinda vanished ehehe :$ lol @ pics toorainy!!! no i didnt disappear :p specy, so true..civic sense is set on the ‘off’ mode when we are in PK..all these ppl we have it on the ‘ON’ mode as soon as they fly beyond the borders

  2. Oh you want to have abs, walking is going to do you no good there…I mean it…Try this:Lie down on your back with your knees bent. Then with your hands behind your head, you push yourself up until you touch your forehead with your knees. 30 repitions, twice, everyday. Good luck ! πŸ™‚P.S: Roads & footpaths arent the ideal places for a walk!

  3. MJ says:

    cava, hahaha thanks for the tip..i googled it like 2 days back and i tried doing that once only :p purple, hehe thanks. *hiding away as pops calls for a walk*

  4. I have a request: If you have to write an abbreviated name plz write ‘cav’ instead of ‘cava’.Now…I think purple is right, Friedrich Nietzsche once said that all true thoughts are conceived while walking.So….Keep walking ! πŸ™‚

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