A moment of eerie

She lay on the bed. A thought or two bothering her deep into the sleepless night. No toss and turns, a crease less sheet suffocating beneath her mass. She just laid there, still. Static, almost lifeless. The fan above cooled the summer air around her. There were no beads of sweat on her forehead. An unusual night. Her eyes bubbled in tears that slowly traveled from the edges of her eyes to her temple and fell silently on the pillow covers – quickly absorbing the tear dews. The mild , cold wet spots tickled her right temple. The memory rested by her side silently. It seems like Seasons came and passed, leaves fell and grew again. Storms and winds bashed against her open window. She stayed there, there in a frozen moment.Her deep set dark eyes haunted her face and a serene smile danced about her thin cracked cherry lips.

Silent sobs and wrinkles of worry and grays of life push us towards a dark tunnel. lets just not stand here. the key to getting out alive of such moments is to keep moving.


14 thoughts on “A moment of eerie

  1. This was a good read, Mubi. I believe each one of us has had our own ‘moments of eerie’. I like to reflect during those moments 🙂Your choice of words are brilliant, as is the way you construct your sentences.

  2. Calm Cool says:

    tusi cha gaye hoo ji 🙂yar plz tell me enni achi vocab tusi kithon paye?u describe urself always with excellent choice of words!

  3. To some this feeling of Pain is so addictive and memory of past moments is so dear that they intentionally stick to wet their pillow covers every nite, (with their tears ofcourse). Than to move on. 🙂Beautiful post btw.

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