One ship sails East, and another west

The sky was azure.Flawless. Complimented and graced with pristine chunks of clouds spread as far as the sight went. The air was light, cool and fresh. A perfect morning she thought. A beautiful day, nature at its best with the right amount of coolness in the wind and the right amount of sunshine in the sky.

The tall trees stood in groups around the campus. All towering around her as she took fast paced steps through them. she wondered what the sinless trees of nature must be whispering to each other while they swayed to the breeze at the top of the branches. They were green, unusually green and alive today. Like they look after a monsoon shower, washed and bathed with drops of nature from above the heavens. What took place outside in the land of the man was in stark contrast to what God’s sinless nature displayed. Ironic she thought — a mesmerizing weather to compliment the actions of man. Aesthetic beauty against the ugliness of the forbidden.

Nothing bothered her today. She wanted to follow the rhythm of nature. The peaceful aura it displayed while the chaos filled the air outside. Somehow that didn’t plague the rest. She continued walking, sometimes stepping into the tiny puddles of water gathered from watering the lawns, sometimes stepping on the fallen leaves. They weren’t autumn crisp. Quietly they crushed under her feet. She listened to the sound of the mime crushing of the leaves as the sirens of ambulances sped through the roads…

Today in Lahore….life continued as usual, with God’s nature unusually at peace, as if He had given up on Adam’s children..


12 thoughts on “One ship sails East, and another west

  1. OMG moby.. u kno i was hopin to write smth abt it but cudnt get the words..its sad so sad im just thankful srilankan team bach gai yar warna tuo pakistan k ka pata nai kya banta.. Allah hum pa rahm karra

  2. No, God hasn’t given up on us. Its his way of telling maybe that we’re making some big fundamental mistakes. And that we ourselves are at fault. Some poet aptly said:“tu maidan e jang may badr ka samaa to paid kar,utar saktay hain teri nusrat ko farishtay qatar andar qatar ab bhi.”its our people who’ve given up. Sadly they dont say that but they’ve given up on everything, when it was the time to hold on. And this incident is one big blow to our hopes. Sad sad.

  3. MJ says:

    lost, ya..ameen to your prayermha, i am not saying He has..just a feeling of IF.. and i didnt undertand the second line of the poetry..zeeshan, i think its not about courage. its more to do with conscience. they lack it big time!

  4. This is so beautiful, but for some reason I felt like there was a tone of melancholy seeping through the words.I hope things are okies with ya.x

  5. MJ says:

    Zee, they have courage to do bad but not the other way round..thus i said its more to do with conscience..that teaches one to differentiate b/w wrong and right..what say?desi, hmm indeed shame on us and our indifference..rainy, thanks. specy, hanging onto our hopes..but for how long :/

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