My pop’s (father) gets forward messages from random numbers on his cell phone off and on. Today was one of those days when such a forward message sent us into hilarious fits when he read it out to me. Here’s the message. Note that not even a single word of it has been changed. un edited un altered and un leashed. behold.

“Salam, Any gals or ladies lookin for a life partner, no pass timers plz reply through sms, dont call, serious persons only, sorry to disturb ya, best of luck”

cool!! now marriages wont be any problem :p
no chance for pass timers!


29 thoughts on “SMSES

  1. MJ says:

    hfm, oh phaleez spare us..dont give them idea for the new ‘fad’ there are chances it would actually start!! shaddi khana abadi thru SMS :SUB, ho! Allah khair keray :pmaryam, wow you picked up fast huh :p good good

  2. MJ says:

    killa, welcome to the blog πŸ˜€ lol you really want to be that list :pghufran, lol. i dont get it why would a guy say those lines ;p that sms was from a guy…and thanks for the drawing compliment :pmha, ooh yeh tu socha hi nai mainay, some poor, lonely person haina :pzeeshan sattar, thanks for visiting. you dont allow visitors on ur blog?

  3. MJ says:

    Specy!!! LOL, sure take the number but remember not to call! :p haina? i dono where these weirdos come from and how do they get random numbers?

  4. Mubi : this sms shows that the guy is completely sick of flirtatious attitude of girls and as NGO’s raise their voices for women issues like men cheating on their wives etc etc so should some NGO also consider the fact that Males are also a victim.

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