carried by the wind

crack your knuckles
give a little chuckle
squint as you go..
out in the sunny day


lost on the track of time
carried by the wind
sit under the shade
the breeze plays around
with a few loose locks
that dance about your face


the music
fades in
fades out.
floating in a vacuum
with gravity beneath


the twists and turns
not of life or fate
but of death and dreams.
your hands are your claws
right on your throat..
on the verge of something
surely not insanity..


19 thoughts on “carried by the wind

  1. YAY KUCH LIKH LIYA. =D *sniff* *wipes tears*the twists and turnsnot of life or fatebut of death and dreams.your hands are your clawsright on your throat..on the verge of somethingsurely not insanity.. I dunno. Hehe.

  2. MJ says:

    lol, beaugly :p whatever you meant, thanks ๐Ÿ˜€desi, hehe ya thats the only thing this piece is doing, going well with the painting..i wish i could paint like that…purple, i am not sure if i can relate to it either :/

  3. The good thing about abstract stuff is that anyone can relate to it, but the bad thing is that not everyone can relate to it, but sometimes noone can relate to it, but thats how its meant to be.

  4. I loved reading it but…All right I think the lines “the twists and turnsnot of life or fatebut of death and dreams” are just not right…considering the rest of it is so well written.Now call me a scrooge for finding faut with it … but that’s what I think.

  5. MJ says:

    CAV, o didnt see your comment earlier.. and i m really glad someone pointed that out.. it is indeed weak in terms of how poetry is composed..every line has to be balanced to compliment the preceding and the proceeding…and thats exactly why its not making doesnt.i know. however, we can justify anything, cant we? so lets see how i do that now :p everyone knows how life and fate puts us in unpredictable situations but dreams and death cant do that…after death there are no twists and turns and as for dreams…well they could twist and turn i guess theres some element of irony that i might have been trying to put, unconsciously, that is to say. the irony that i m telling my readers to believe in something that we hardly think many times do we take death seriously? most of us are just too consumed and indulged in our material life..we dont give a second thought to death or life after it…not everyone does.. or it could be an indication in terms of contradiction to something else.. contradiction to my entire poem in the sense that i started off with the word nonchalant then it came down to more serious verbs occupied and chained..from little everyday things we do like crack our knuckles and playing with our hair i traveled, rather fast, to we are chained to life? to death? to our dreams? hmm maybe something i am still trying to figure out…myself..hehehe, so how do u like my justification…something on the lines of absurd? well i honestly enjoyed dissecting my own poem ๐Ÿ˜€ which i hardly ever do ;p looking forward to a reply of yours ๐Ÿ™‚

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