scribble or type, cross or erase

the pen on the page
and ink on the door
a few lines scattered
pages abused and
keys punched hard
some words hanging in mid air
back space it all
a push on the button
and there you are
its all blank…


17 thoughts on “scribble or type, cross or erase

  1. First of all remove this word verification thingy !!Second WHEREEEEE WERRREEE YOUUUU ??? long time no see !! how are u ?? and stuff ?? :p@postand yeah thats what we all do !!

  2. MJ says:

    lol guys the word veri is fun at times :p so its gona stay there :p i removed the moderation thing adopting the democratic stance :p ubee and desi, i think i am out of my hiding now :$purple, hehe nai this wasnt the reason. just been busy with university..sami, wow thanks :p

  3. MJ says:

    ignoring smaculas commentagreeing to beaugly 😀 kia hua, about what? :Smha, i still dont get it how do you manage to write such long posts from your cell. wah bai wah :p

  4. beaugly, draw what :$ubee, lol i get the point, its about coming to your blog not really missing me :pAyla,., hehe its long since i played crossword :p and ya i didnt realize i am typing smth so relevent you all :pDee, hahaa well exams the time when i am really free 😀

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