lost dreams..

I have a dream today…

I have a dream that one day every child of my country, from the foothills of the Himalayas in the north, to the warm waters of the Arabian Sea in the South, will have books, not bombs in their hands.

I have a dream that my children will live in a nation where they are not judged by their class, race and affluence, but by the values they posses and the character they display.

I have a dream that one day our youth down south, will no longer become tools in the hands of ethnic bigots; that out educational institutions will impart knowledge and preach peace and tolerance and not serve as breeding grounds of hate and violence against our own brethren.

I have a dream that my villagers will build schools and not graveyard for my little girls. That one day my little boys will turn into Edhis and not Osamas. To some, this may not be the right time to dream. But there is no season for dreams; they are the very essence of life. They translate into reality of action and from the action rises another dream. This interdependence gives a higher purpose to life. When we honestly and whole heartedly allow education to shine from every village and town, we will be able to transform the deafening, confounding dissonance around us into a magnificent symphony. We will be able to speed up the day when all of God’s children – rich and poor, sunni and shia, Muslim and non-Muslim, immigrant and resident – will be able to join hands and sing the tunes of freedom, harmony and peace. It is only then, that we will turn this ‘most dangerous and ungovernable country in the world’ into a country that produces poets, sufis, scientists, artists and scholars.

“Education makes a people easy to lead but difficult to drive; easy to govern, but impossible to enslave.” Peter Brougham

Above is an excerpt from Sadaf shah who writes for newspapers.

Below is my scrawl…

i liked her dream. i just hope that her words become reality. as for the quotation in the end, it raised a few questions. i see images of war tanks plaguing the city of Gaza, young boys throwing stones at many of them, cursing the men inside and running away in frenzy, like its a game. it is a game i realize. for i see tanks creeping forward and attacking in the air to drive away the kids. this particular image is not war. its a daily game held amidst the war. it makes me wonder what a stone could do to a tank. then there are girls in schools, red in cheeks and innocence in eyes but fear in hearts. these images are not only of distant brothers and sisters. it happens in my own country with different toys. where guns and weapons of other sort have not been replaced by men in tanks. it is outside my secluded city.. but education has not changed any of our mindset. the men inside the tank are educated. the country from where the tanks and guns and shells come are educated, the people who rule us are educated. perhaps education has become a farce…


14 thoughts on “lost dreams..

  1. We all have a dream, but dreaming is uselesss if we don’t strive to make that into reality.Like you, I’m wary of her quote: shouldn’t education be the means of a lingua franca between humans? – we understand wrong and right with more clarity because our horizons and minds have been widened?😐

  2. MJ says:

    exquisite, zanzibar, beaugly, Ubee and lost i couldnt agree more with you guys. lets hope..thats all we can do..rainy, and you have hit the right point. i think morals and human values or value of life is not really or always learned from education…maybe thats lacking

  3. I agree with you…I’m afraid education is not enough to drown out the madness that plagues the earth.Robert Mugabe – current President of Zimbabwe has seven degrees including a Master of Science degree and he’s still a lunatic thats accused of the mass genocide in his country. In fact, he is no different from those Israeli’s who think its ok to kill innocent children by ploughing bombs into schools. What the world needs is humanity, compassion and justice. And not agenda’s driven by power hungry forces.

  4. MJ says:

    ya i have seen mugabe a lot of times on tv now..since i got this assignment that was related to africa….hes got how many degreees??? :S wow. doesnt look like hes got even one hmmso that proves our point!

  5. Mubi =(I lost aapka blog! ='( Ab milgaya =DYAY!So on a more serious note, I wish to hope, to have these dreams. But there seems to be nothing that helps me through. Where do you get the inspiration to carry on?

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